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PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH staff provides end-to-end services across the entire value chain, helping clients achieve high performance through deep industry knowledge, innovation and leading technology.

Companies face significant challenges to take advantage of the opportunities available. Therefore, we had to provide legal and regulatory environment to re-evaluate, and re-engineer their business models and strategies through our experts and partners.

PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH is work closely to develop sound operations strategies to ensure that you are well-positioned to anticipate and take advantage of the changes ahead. Our deep experience find innovative ways to optimize processes, reduce back office costs.

Today, there are a lot of variables on the international arena; PhoenixBird D. M. offers practical insights methodologies with deep understanding of the social and public sector to accelerate innovation and collaboration to translate experiences to results.

Energy and resources will play a major role in future throughout every level of society. We and our partners offer encompassing services to face the needs, from private and public sector to non-governmental organizational issues, especially on access to fossil fuels and access to renewable energy sources.


Technology, Media & Telecom.

Financial Services

Social & Public Sector

Energy & Water Resources

PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH is redefining social impact globally, locally and individually.

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