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PhoenixBird Diversity Management GmbH is a German consulting firm, supporting private, public and nonprofit organizations to transform and improve their performance for long-term success.

We combine unconstrained thinking with specific expertise across business deign, change management, information technology, operations excellence, and people and talent management. Our sector experience spans financial services, health care, manufacturing, technology media & telecommunication, social & public sector, energy & resources.


We intensively work together with our clients. To achieve best practices, we offer a tailored, interactive approach to co-design and implement high impact customer strategies and provide the highest level of global sustainable manner in differentiation, creativity and efficiency  > Read more

Diversity & Inclusion

Advisory Board

We create value for our people and our clients by promoting diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion.

PhoenixBird D. M.  GmbH Advisory Board Members include prominent individuals coming from the fields of international politics, academia, and private sector. All members have demonstrated extraordinary contributions to society and have served their countries and their communities in significant ways.


Former Ambassador of the Arab League in Berlin

Engineering and professional

pedagogy expert

Attorney-at-law & Notary public

Diversity Our team consists of very unique individuals, including men and women from different nations, cultures, ethnics, age, skills and abilities and any other personal background. 
In this diversity we find unity and create the identity of who we are.

Inclusion We create a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate inside a maximum room of creativity, given the possibility to contribute skills, experiences and personality. Inclusion is also about creating a global community where PhoenixBird D. M. GmbH connects everyone and everything through our services and our winning workforce.

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-  Technology, media & telecomm.


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-  Social & public sector

Consulting services


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